About US

As an agency that works primarily with small businesses, non-profits and cause-centric organizations, we understand you. Every Winn Group team member has worked extensively with both small business and non-profit entities before joining our agency. This is where we cut our teeth in the realm of marketing, strategy and creative solutions. We understand the difficult environment you work within. We know your challenges, because we’ve had to face them ourselves.

The Winn Group is not an agency that “does” marketing and strategy – those agencies are on every corner and in every high rise in America. The Winn Group is different. We take a long-term approach to your marketing needs to help you avoid costly mistakes in the future. This approach allows you to funnel those cost savings into your vision rather than into correcting errors from a shotgun style marketing plan. We are committed to this approach to our business. Frankly, it’s the only way we know how to do our jobs.

For us to serve you best, we truly want to hear your heart for what you are doing, who you are trying to reach and why your group exists. Then, our team offers targeted, purposeful strategies and tactics customized to your needs – and your needs alone – so when you succeed, we all succeed.

In short, we don’t just want to “do” marketing…we want to be an extension of your vision.


What Other’s Are Saying About The Winn Group

“In today’s market place there is so much noise and distraction, that a sticky and compelling visual design is essential.   

Remarkable design agency’s have the ability to size up the needs of the client, guide through content cultivation, dream and connect the dots and express ideas clearly. The Winn Group has professionally and expertly navigated challenging projects, as well as assignments that at first blush appeared simple but in further discovery have required thought lead collaboration.

The Winn Group will continue to be a go-to design partner for Seattle University.”

– Kristen Kirst, Sr. Director of Development for Seattle University


“We at UP Entertainment have had the pleasure of working with Shaun and his team for many years. Their creativity, fast turnaround, reasonable rates, and an unwavering commitment to excellence and customer service keeps us coming back. The Winn team is not satisfied until you are – even under the tightest of deadlines. I enjoy working with The Winn Group and will continue to do so for many years to come.”

– Tracey Tooks, Sr. Trade & Affiliate Marketing Manager for UP Entertainment


"The Winn Group has successfully proven that they can develop, execute and manage high priority digital marketing campaigns and original key art for ASPiRE TV.  The Winn Group team always steps up to the plate with detailed requests.  Their creativity and passion with the ability to see the big picture along with minute details allows The Winn Group the opportunity to be our “go to” company.”

– Anneka Jenkins, Marketing for ASPiRE TV